Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taking That First Step

Hello World!
Just like countless others out there, I've been wanting to join the blogosphere for a long time.  What a rich, if complex to navigate, web of wisdom, connections, and community.  Many kindred souls, inspiring individuals, and all those fantastic authors for children whose books I've been devouring these last couple of years.  (Sigh!) but like many others, for some obscure reason which really makes no sense, I've been waiting for the perfect launch, some piece of elegant prose I write that wraps  up who I am in an insightful package that's likely impossible anyway, or for some magical perfect date on which to start (I've missed several already!), or other such nonsense.  The other day I read the advice to just plunge in and begin.  So....there's nothing in the remotest auspicious about this particular day, and certainly this first post reads quite pedestrian.  Nonetheless, here I go.  I gave my blog a name,  posted a spare two sentences about myself, and have now gone off to collect some incredibly wonderful books to put on my brand new shelfari bookshelves.  I'll take this one step at a time!

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